What We Do

At ESL Tech, we are one of many emerging nonprofit companies providing Virtual Reality (VR) programs and services. Our focus is to provide VR experiences to the “Aged Adult community. In assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing facilities there are ever increasing opportunities to accomplish this goal.

We believe due to the advances in technology. VR activities could offer facilities unusual opportunities to foster inter-generational programming.

Our Commitment

By providing facilities with access to advanced technological services, we bring the necessary equipment to the facility. It is our belief that they will find the experiences will result in positive therapeutic health benefits. We will work closely with the facility staff and families to identify the “appropriate” experiences for a variety of residents. Staff and or family members would be responsible for determining those experiences which are nonthreatening to the Resident’s health. Research has shown it to be a positive experience which adds to the quality of their lives. It is anticipated that Residents dealing with the effects of Alzheimer’s and or dementia will become more communicative. The research in this area is ongoing.

Keeping in mind that as our technology continues to evolve. Not only can we better understand machines and how computers work, but today’s Machines and computers can better understand our current world of “reality” in a two-dimensional space and thus transform it into a three-dimensional space that emulates our world today.

In other words, not only can we continue to interact with machines and computers, but they, in turn, can interact with us in a two or three-dimensional space.

Our Vision

” One of our primary goals is to close the widening technology gap between seniors and the rest of our high-tech communities. Imagine what a “mixed-reality” might look like…moving from VR to AR to Holographic all in one experience. The technology is here today…poised to take advantage of the next level of computing which will be Quantum Computing. Quantum computers today are already about 600 times faster today than Supercomputers of yesterday. As an example, the technology that it lives on your phone today is far more advanced than the technology we used to land on the Moon in 1968.

Focus on Data Analytics. In search of the “Goldilocks” zones 
Another ambitious goal will be to capture as much data as possible to identify which VR experiences have the most benefit to the Seniors. And which “virtual experiences “Work best on which forms of dementia.

It is our belief that Visual Analytics in the cloud will show and uncover these mysteries. “Visual Analytics” in the cloud with “De-Identification”

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